Mar 20

(English) Jay Marroquin had the courage to dream big… and look where he is now!


(English) Interview with exclusive Photographer Jay Marroquin, who worked for the world’s top designers and covers Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan!

Mar 11

(English) Africa Welch: « Photography is not about how it should be, it’s about how you want it to be »


(English) Photographer Africa Welch is speaking with us about her experiences of being a photographer. All the way from how she got started and where she is now. She provides aspiring photographers a very usefull tip too! Are you curious? Read on!

Feb 26

(English) Get inspired by the cool & colorful style of photographer Antonio Pedraxas!


(English) Antonio Pedraxas, an amazing photographer who astonishes everyone with every single photo he captions. In this interview, he tells us how he experienced his journey in becoming a well-known professional photographer PLUS he gives life lessons to those who have the dream to be one some day! Curious? Read on!

Feb 20

(English) Anthony Turano: an expert in high fashion photography and a great success in social media!


(English) Meet Anthony Turano, fashion photographer with all the necessary skills to create the perfect fashion editorials and advertising commercials! Way to go!

Jan 14

(English) The perfect picture needs the perfect eye: introduces you to the top artists of fashion photography!


(English) Business biggest Photographers collaborated with in the mission of art and beauty. Marvel their infamous work and learn how to become part of it!

Jan 14

(English) Mario Lomas tells us about his experiences as a photographer!


(English) Photographer Mario Lomas talks with us about his professional journey, what he expects from people he is working with and what you need in order to become a photographer. And of course he shared some of his amazing work with us. So don’t miss it and keep on reading!

Dec 20

(English) Awarded photographer Tess Masero dives with pictures into emotions – and tells you how to do it as well!


Fresh Faces Photographer Tess Masero Brioso talked to us about the power of pictures, courage to take risks and the impossibility to do wrong in photography. Check it out!

Nov 29

(English) Learn from a professional: Fresh Faces Photographer Andrew Habeck about models and cameras


(English) Andrew Habeck is a well-established name in the Photography world and we had the pleasure to enjoy his talent on the Fresh Faces Grand Finals 2013. This time, Andrew shares his experience and reveals us the best tips and tricks!

Aug 22

(English) Five Minutes with… Manuel Castro!


(English) With our Fresh Faces Competitions underway and a lot of model appreciation going on, we thought we’d seek out the Photographers, Designers and other Industry Professionals that we think are brilliant and deserve attention too!

Nov 14

(English) Shooting Fresh Faces – Photographer Lee Harris reveals how it was from behind the lens!


(English) Have you ever wondered who the people are are behind the scenes of events like Fresh Faces? We caught up with Lee Harris, our official behind the scenes photographer for Fresh Faces 2012, to see the model contest from his perspective.

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