Model Industry

Nov 25

GQ Men of the Year 2010 Awards!!


On Monday November 22 The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid was the set for the GQ men of the year 2010 awards. An evening full of intelligent, stylish, charismatic and talented men….

Nov 16

Scandalous! | Sex In Advertising Campaigns


Now we all know that sex sells. That is no secret. But the trick to bag a sexy advertising
campaign is balance and a nice aesthetic. Here are two great examples of two companies
who are flying the sexy flag in their ad campaigns.

Nov 2

Top 10 Most Seen Models of Spring 2011


I came across a list of models which was compiled based on the most seen models of the catwalk for Spring 2011. It’s quite refreshing to see so many fresh faces that I hadn’t seen that much before.

Oct 11

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova Gets Lead Role in Belle du Seigneur


Russian model Natalia Vodianova, the face of Calvin Klein and recent supermodel-turned-actress, is once again wowing us with her courage to be in front of the camera.

Sep 15

Picture Me: A Model’s Diary and The Closed-off World of Modeling


I was just reading a review about a documentary film which features American model Sara Ziff, who’s work portfolio include campaigns such as D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, Elle covers and an endless number of catwalk shows.

May 12

Models Making it Big on the Big Screen


I continue to be amazed by the talent of more and more models who are showing how they rule, not only work the catwalk, but also the big screen. A great example is a new film that has just hit the cinemas: Clash of the Titans.

Apr 1

NET-working to raise awareness


I’ve been reading more and more about the fashion worlds efforts at providing aid and help for those countries where, due to many controllable and uncontrollable, natural disasters and devastations, vasts amounts of people are dying every single day.

Mar 5



And what did ATARI unveil three days ago? ‘PROJECT CATWALK’ – THE VIDEO GAME!
Yup, every fashionistas favourite TV programme, as a game for the Nintendo Wii.

Mar 1

Photoshop me! The truth behind digital retouching on your favourite models and celebrities!


How much time has gone by since you saw a natural model on a magazine cover? Tic TAC tic TAC tic TAC. Time is over, inevitably, and the famous Photoshop program has exceeded its use. Shrink your waist, increase the size of your bosoms, draw yourself a few beefy lips and … give yourself a touch up!

Feb 26

MODELS IN ACTION! – Picture vs video.


They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words…” There is also a quote that says:
“pictures can never replace being there”. With that in mind I wonder… what about videos?

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